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"Bull's eye"
Climate change,Speed,Low cost,World leading Technology

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Author of "One Believing Theory": Physics

Synopsis: We (Matter) move at the speed of light but are decelerating which courses change in time, space, and mass. "It causes the universe to expand in accelerated velocity."


Q: Why not simply take the express train without an airplane?
A: There is no railway can go faster than 200 to 250 mph. (Including European, China, Japan and Korea) but skytrack can fly twice faster!


Q: How making 400 mph train?

A:France's TGV train reached 350mph.

The Skytrack train is going to be built for speed, just for speed. A single train will be in the form of bullet and lightweight carbon fiber, most powerful motor, no space for passengers, cargo, service area. This is just likea bullet!

Q: Why should speed matter?
A: We live in 21 century and America is a large continent, and modern society and companies need fast speed travel transport system. We do not want to spend more than a half day to travel from Washington DC to Los Angeles.
If it takes more than half a day, Tavel requires meals, hotels and sleeping somewhere.
That's why most Americans travel by airplane in the USA.
Speed is one of the most important things about today's travel world. "Time is money! Speed and safety, comfort and economy are key elements of successful transportation business” (That's what people want.)

Q: Will the world soon gets battery-powered mass planes?
A: It may be, but the world still hasn't found a capable battery in the near future. The clock has run out. There is no time for uncertain future technologies.
Even the battery-powered mass airplanes build in the future, this skytrack will be cheaper, safer, no need airport, no pilot and etc.. Skytrack will be more comparable to a battery-powered plane. Also able to use regular express trains on trail.

Q: Is the electrical wire connected to the aircraft safe?
A: It shall be safe. Each electric train has some sort of electrical connection , but it has been very safely maintained. Especially the skytrack connecting wire will automatically disconnect the power source from any system failure.

Q: Is the connected electric wire strong enough to withstand a 400 mile wind?
A: There will be a strong support wire with power wire and LED safety guidance light.

Q: What's going on with the razor beam power transfer system?
A: Yes, there is a successful razor power transfer company invented and rapid development transformer system more powerful. In the near future skytrack might adapt the technology and the system once it has completed.

Q: Isn't it expensive to construct a new rail network?
A: Yes, it will not be cheap, but it will be cheaper than building a highway or the present railway system.
It does not need full support railway because skytrack train and plane will be light (carbon fiber) and it will be monorail which is 3' above ground.

Q: Solar, clean energy?
A: Yes skytrack will get hundreds, thousands, miles of solar panel in the middle of the railway. (However, the US also wants to install a solar power plant wherever possible)

Q: What happens when there is an emergency, such as a hurricane or a severe storm, what happens to the aircraft?
A: Firstly, the aircraft will land on the transporter train and run together until the condition improves.
Second, if anything happens to the train or rail, the aircraft disconnects from the train and makes its own way to an emergency landing area powered by a battery backup.

Q: Where will the station be set up?
A: near the town, but outside the town limits.

Q: Don't we need flatland?
A: flat and straint land will be the best option to start skytrack at this point because of its need to create high speed but there will be better technic develop to handle hills and mountains. As long as it is 400 mph without a derailment.

Q: Why not need pilots?
A: The autopilot was able to control the flight and landing because it connected to the landing train and the two were running together to reach the take-off or landing speed. That makes it safer and easier.

Q: Why is there no need for a runway?
A: Airplane could depart from the train so that the airplane does not need a runway to depart and In addition, it is safer to fly or land.


What altitudes are reached by Skytrack?

Skytrack flies below the clouds at 3,000-5,000 feet above ground

Due to its light frame, lack of jet fuel, and electric power source, Skytrack can reach speeds up to 500mph, matching speeds of today's commercial planes.


How fast can Skytrack fly?

Image 03.png

What if the train becomes involved in an accident?

In the event of an emergency, the plane will be able to detach its cable connection to the train, avoiding an accident and landing at a nearby airport on a backup power supply.

 Skytrack stations will be outside of major metro urban areas, allowing ample space for Skytrack to safely travel from point A to point B.


Where will Skytrack Stations be located?

Storm Clouds

What happens during unsafe weather conditions?

The plane can safely descend and temporarily dock onto the train, traveling together to a nearby Skytrack station.

Due to the current limitations of battery technology, the train acts as an energy source, providing energy either wired or wirelessly. 

Image 04.png

What is the function of the train? 

Credit Card

How much does it cost to travel on Skytrack?

Powered by electricity and potentially autopilot AI technology, we expect Skytrack to be more affordable than traveling by plane.

Running on a backup battery, the plane will fly to a nearby airport or Skytrack station for emergency landing.

Image by Steve Johnson

What if the plane loses its connection  midflight?

Yellow Subway Train

Why not just take a train?

Many countries have advanced train systems, but they are costly to build and maintain. Skytrack travel is faster than conventional train rides and environmentally conscious. 


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