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My name is Nam Kim and I am the CEO of Skytrack Technology Inc. and Artificial Consciousness Technology Inc. 

Author of "one Believing Theory": Physics

Synopsis: We (Matter) move at the speed of light but are decelerating which causes changes in time, space, and mass. "Therefore, the universe is expanding at an accelerated velocity." 

"Everything (all matters) is moving and rotating.

As long as gravity is present.

There is no stationary matter in space.

Earth orbits the sun, while the solar system orbits in the galaxy. 

Groups of galaxies rotate, galaxy clusters rotate, supercluster rotate, and the universe also rotates."


Nothing is in a suspended state.

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My Story

As an entrepreneur and inventor, I have spent the majority of my life thinking about ways to improve human society. I am passionate about artificial technology and innovation. With global warming and the fight against carbon emissions, I designed a patent that could help be a part of the solution. I'm excited to share Skytrack with you.

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US Patent Approved

US Patent Application No. 17/552,653

US Patent No.- pending 
Attorney Docket No. 0978-02002-US

Interested in Artificial Intelligence and Technology? 

Check out Artificial Consciousness Technology Inc. to find out more. 

Human-Robot Friendship


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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